Monday, June 30, 2008

Hazrat Shah Saiyid Hussain sb. r.a advice on migrating to Madinah

A person enquired Hazrat Shah Saiyid Hussain sb. r.a about migrating to Madinah for job , obiviously he was going for the purpose of earning and not in the love of Prophet Mohammad saw. He gave him a stunning answer that no one else can give except Ahlullah, he said it is better for you to live in India and your heart is in Madinah rather you love in Madinah and your heart is in India. No one can given such a answer except these people that understands the Nafs. Now a days we are going to these sacred places for the sake of earning money and not for Prophet's love, even we are learning arabic just to impress arabs so that they can avail more benefitts but not with the intentions that by learning Arabic we can understand Quran, and we all know that intentions is a major factor in deciding the Amal. But the person who is going with the desired intentions, for him is dreams comes true.
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